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Pretty soon you’ll wish everything worked like BluJay.

Transform Your Drop Ship Model with BluJay:

Imagine the possibilities!

For retailers and e-commerce companies of all sizes and technical know-how, BluJay’s drop ship solution offers a near instant way to onboard new suppliers and extend your product range. With BluJay’s drop ship functionality, you'll stop worrying about obsolete stock, enhance the customer journey, and improve your cash flow - all without adding to your inventory.

Why BluJay? Why now?

Whether you want to add new luxury lines to your offering or larger bulky items that are difficult to store and ship, you can do it all with BluJay. Plus, you’ll deliver a better customer experience by managing expectations with despatch notices, real-time delivery notices and order acknowledgments.

BluJay Uniquely Offers:

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    Increased Visibility of your Supply Chain
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    Automated Processes for your drop ship operation
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    Reduced Risk
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    Rapid Onboarding
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    Access to over 700+ drop ship suppliers
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    Integration with your core business